The Bullet Journal Method: Migration as Review

Published on 13 August 2020.

I recently read The Bullet Journal Method by Ryder Carroll. In this post I will write about the key takeaway that I got from reading it. If you want a full book review, you can for sure find it somewhere else online.

Bullet journaling is a specific way of using a plain notebook as a journal and planner. One part of the system is writing down tasks. Each day you start on a blank page and write down the tasks that you want to accomplish that day. If the previous day had unfinished tasks, you can migrate those tasks. Then you copy them over to the current day by writing them again.

Why is this different from just keeping a todo list? The difference is that every day (or at whichever interval you choose to migrate tasks) you get to decide what is most important that day. You start fresh and get a chance to review tasks and decide if they are still important or not.

The recurring reflection on what is important was the key takeaway that I got from reading the book.

I have tried bullet journalling now for about one month and might write more about my experiences.

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