Learning about a problem

Published on 1 July 2013.

Today’s thought is about how we learn to solve problems.

When we do code katas, we solve the same problem over and over again. We might focus on practicing a particular aspect, but we still come up with a solution to the same problem. After doing a code kata multiple times, we have probably tried a few different solutions and come up with one that is our favourite.

Solving the same problem over and over again seems to be one way to find a solution that we are happy about.

The question is if we can apply this problem solving strategy to production code. When we are faced with a programming problem, what if we tried to solve it a couple of times in different ways, evaluate the results, and proceed with the solution we like the most?

When trying to solve a problem, we also learn more about the problem.

When trying to solve a problem, we should focus on the hardest part of the problem. Or the most unknown part. We should strive to increase our confidence that our solution will work.

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