Refactoring step in TDD

Published on 5 July 2013.

Today’s thought is about the refactoring step in TDD.

Today we practiced the bowling kata in the office. One thin I noticed was how we continued to write and implement new tests without refactoring property. It was not that we forgot the refactoring step. We did consider refactoring. And we did improve some things. But somehow implementing each new test didn’t come easy. The change to make it work did not fit well.

So clearly we didn’t refactor enough. But how can we know what is enough?

From today’s session, I thought of the following conclusion.

We had one particular solution in mind as we went along. But that solution was not clearly expressed in the code. The code contained pieces of different solutions. In some parts we were thinking in terms of frames, and in other parts we were thinking in terms of rolls. We never clearly expressed our current intended solution in code.

So maybe that is a criteria for being done: when our current view of the solution is clearly expressed in code.

But what if the current solution leads us down the wrong path? In that case we have to consider a different solution. But such a rewrite should be easier if the code is clearly written in one way instead of different solutions showing up in different places.

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