Recognizing progress

Published on 4 June 2014.

I sometimes enjoy to learn new languages or frameworks. The progress in my learning is immediate and clear: before I could not write a piece of code in this environment, and now I can. I must have learned something.

But how do you recognize that you are making progress overall in the programming field?

One way I used to recognize progress was to think like this: would I feel comfortable putting my 1-year-ago-self in a programming project. If yes, it’s a sign that I’m not making enough progress. If no, it’s a sign that I do.

I used to feel like I wouldn’t want to put my 1-year-ago-self in a programming project. And it felt good because I felt like I learned a lot. It was a while since I felt that.

I like to believe that I still make progress in my learning about programming. But I’m not sure how to see it.

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